24/7 social risk defense that’s always on, dead-accurate and without the fat agency fee

World class PR teams choose Crisp's 24-hour monitoring service, because we are the only ones who can guarantee that any issues will be caught early – before they become a crisis.

Most social monitoring tools are just that, machine-driven tools, and no more. Crisp's expert analysts work round-the-clock to interpret data as no machine can, so they can escalate any issues that arise to different teams in your organization in a timely manner.

Whether it's a threat to your CEO or staff, a bomb threat or an unexpected bad reaction to an advertising campaign, our human team can tell the difference and make an accurate call about who to notify.

Crisp's 24/7 social monitoring service makes sure you know about it in 30 minutes or less.

In the past complete 24/7 monitoring of all channels was considered out of reach, because the cost of hiring a social monitoring agency to cover you round-the-clock was prohibitively expensive. Crisp has changed that equation completely, by combining unbeatably powerful technology with accurate human analysis. The result is the first and only affordable, scalable, and unfailingly accurate 24-hour monitoring service.

Crisp's social monitoring means your PR team will never get caught flatfooted by an online dust-up or media story before you can do anything about it.

Use it for

  • Social media crisis prevention
  • 24/7 Twitter monitoring
  • 24-hour monitoring of all social channels and news sites
  • Out of hours and holiday cover
  • Unexpected peaks
  • Support your social media team
  • Catch all celebrity and influencer mentions
  • Spot trouble before it starts

Why Crisp Will Wake You Up

A celebrity calls for a boycott to your brand, your CEO's home address is leaked online, a product defect – your product -- is trending, and it all happens when you're asleep.

A social listening tool won’t telephone your crisis management team in the middle of the night, and even if it could you wouldn’t want it to, because the false alarm rate would drive you crazy. Only Crisp deploys round-the-clock, expert human analysis combined with unfailing 24/7 technology to detect risk accurately, and notify you day or night before an issue snowballs into a crisis.

Protecting Global Brands

Crisp keeps brands safe from illegal and offensive content, spam, scams, social PR crises, trolls, security risks, IP and trademark violations and regulatory issues.

Protect your brand