Gain an early-warning advantage

We provide enterprise-grade risk intelligence and compliance solutions for today's global enterprises. Our intelligence solution is based upon a unique formula that delivers an early-warning advantage over risks emerging online.

Crisp delivers an Early-Warning Advantage with a unique formula

Artificial Intelligence

  • Trained over 15+ years online harm detection
  • More than a billion items reviewed per week
  • Constantly discovering new and unknown risks

Human Intelligence

  • 650 global risk analysts constantly training our Actor Intelligence Graph
  • 10 intelligence desks staffed by 80 threat analysts enhancing our Actor Intelligence Graph
  • Horizon scanning for new, unknown threats
  • Bad actor infiltration for illegal and security threat groups

Today’s enterprises need that Early-Warning Risk Advantage

TIMEEARLY-WARNING RISK ADVANTAGEThe ‘spark’ of an issue or incident first appears onlineInfluencers start to fan the flame’ by sharing with their followersFinal opportunity to ‘manage’ the pending crisis by respondingSignificant operational, revenue and reputational risk costing $$$$M

And, real, actionable intelligence

IMPACTCauseWhat has triggered this particular issue, or is driving an increase in risk?ReachHow far has this issue reached? Where is it being discussed? Has it reached the media?AudienceHas the issue caused an issue with my customers/ fans, or a different audience group?HistoryDoes this look/ feel like anything else I’ve experienced in the past? Is anyone else going through this right now?ImpactAre particular hashtags or trends emerging regarding this issue? Is this issue trending’ on any of the social media platforms?ActionWhat should I do next? What should I NOT do? What is the reaction to what I have done already, or not done?TimelineHow long has this been going on? When is it likely to go away?

What our customers say

“We’ve gone from learning secondhand about issues, to now being the first to know. We feel empowered and smarter in our communications and strategies.”

SVP Communications, Global Brand

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