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Corporate governance defense

We partner with Board Members and C-suite executives to defend their corporate reputations, helping them to mitigate risks that emerge online before they damage business operations and market value.

Reputational risks can surface anywhere, anytime

Today’s top C-suite executives and board directors believe reputational risk poses the greatest strategic threat to businesses. It can wipe out billions of dollars in market capitalization and impose sweeping changes to company leadership. Reputational risk is the potential loss to financial capital, social capital and/or market share resulting from damage to an enterprise's reputation. This is often measured in lost revenue, increased operating, capital or regulatory costs or the destruction of shareholder value. Increasingly, the online element of these strategic threats remains undetected as their damage escalates.

How we can help

Countering the risks to your reputation primarily involves fighting the effect of weaponized social communications against your brands, assets and executives. To deliver this effectively, Crisp has packaged its enterprise defense services into a single solution which combines Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing and Corporate Security Defense. This comprehensive Reputational Risk Defense solution is designed to give Board Members and C-suite executives total corporate peace of mind backed by a guarantee that you are always first to know and first to act against strategic threats surfacing online.

Defense solutions

Reputational Risk Defense

Crisis Defense

Real-time 24/7/365 monitoring and intelligent reporting on the people, groups and organizations that matter to an enterprise to ensure they are first to know about issues and incidents that have the potential to explode into a crisis and negatively impact reputation and finances.

Paid Influencer Defense

On-demand, real-time 24/7/365 monitoring and intelligent reporting on named VIPs commercially representing the enterprise in order to detect adverse outbound messaging that could damage the enterprise’s reputation or finances.

Owned Social Defense

Protects enterprises from damage to engagement and reputation caused by harmful communication posted to their owned social pages by removing content breaching brand guidelines, and identifying and countering the bad actors who create it.

Paid Social Defense

Ensures an enterprise’s investment in paid social media advertising is not adversely affected by the posting of harmful content or negative opinions about the brand, products or advertising by bad actors or detractors.

Corporate Security Defense

Identifies and rapidly responds to online threats made against company executives, employees, assets and public events.

Always first to know, always first to act

Reputational Risk Defense is built on our real-time knowledge graph, which acts as an early warning and threat intervention system, predicting, discovering, tracking, alerting and removing harmful content shared across the open, deep, dark web and messaging apps. Our technology is used by a global team of experts specializing in signals intelligence, linguistics, big data, AI, human intelligence, psychology, data protection, and law and regulation. This industry-leading capability ensures corporate communications, digital marketing, corporate security teams and their executive leadership are the first to know about emerging strategic threats to their corporate reputation, so they can be first to act.

Your partner in the fight against weaponized social communications

We tailor this enterprise-grade solution to your needs. As your partner in the fight against weaponized social communications, we remain in close contact with your corporate communications, digital marketing and corporate security teams via phone, SMS, email or company internal chat applications, aligning our teams with your internal risk management plans and escalation protocols.

  • Escalation in minutes
  • 24/7/365 protection
  • Enterprise wide
  • Multiple languages
  • Global coverage
  • Guaranteed speed and accuracy
  • Unmatched industry experience
  • No false alarms, guaranteed

The highest standard in corporate governance defense

At Crisp, we're on a mission to stop social communication from being weaponized against global enterprises. Join the hundreds of other enterprises who trust us to protect their combined $4.1 trillion in market capitalization. Find out why Crisp is the highest standard in Corporate Governance Defense today.