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Corporate security defense

We partner with corporate security teams, empowering them to identify and rapidly respond to online threats made against company executives, employees, assets and public events.

Intercept threats, save lives

When physical threats emerge undetected the consequences can be severe. Whether a physical attack on individuals, or a call for unsafe activity targeting an organization's operations, corporate security teams cannot afford to miss the early warning signs. Those signals often occur online across deep, dark social web and messaging apps. By identifying and escalating them quickly corporate security teams can prevent a dangerous situation from escalating.

How we can help

An extension of your team

We work closely with corporate security teams to design a solution that ensures key stakeholders are the first to know about an emerging threat, so they can be first to act.

An early warning system

Built on our real-time digital reputation graph, our corporate security solution acts as an early warning and threat intervention system. Trained on 15+ years of online harm detection, it scours the open, deep, dark social web and messaging apps.

A global team of experts

This technology is then used by a global team of intelligence experts to identify mentions of physical violence, calls to boycott or protest an enterprise, or the encouragement of others to disrupt physical operations.

Defense solutions

Threat Defense

Real-time 24/7/365 monitoring and intelligent reporting on the people, groups and organizations that represent a security risk to an enterprise to ensure they are first to know about threats and incidents that have the potential to cause harm to staff, physical and cyber assets or events.

VIP Security Defense

Real-time 24/7/365 monitoring and intelligent reporting for Corporate Security teams on the social media accounts of named VIPs representing the organization to detect threatening inbound messaging to them that could result in physical harm if not acted upon.

Your partner in keeping company assets safe from harm

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