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Digital marketing defense

We partner with digital marketing teams to deliver world-class monitoring and moderation of social media pages and social advertising campaigns, protecting them from harmful content and bad actors intent on disrupting consumer engagement.

Stop bad actors from detracting

Bad actors are using enterprise social media channels to draw attention to their own malicious agendas. Association with this distressing commentary can do serious damage to brand reputation, marketing assets and consumer engagement. Enterprises need a comprehensive solution that not only eliminates this harmful content, but also identifies and blocks the individuals behind it. This includes hurtful commentary made both on owned social media pages and within social media advertising, which can erode the paid media investment in those ads and associate the enterprise with inappropriate or offensive commentary.

How we can help

We've created a comprehensive monitoring and moderation solution for digital marketing teams designed to protect owned social media pages, social advertising and social media engagements from damaging or inappropriate behavior that compromises marketing assets, brand reputation or consumer engagement.

Defense solutions

Owned social defense

Protects enterprises from damage to engagement and reputation caused by harmful communications posted to their owned social pages by removing content breaching brand guidelines, and identifying and countering the bad actors who create it.

Paid social defense

Ensures an enterprise’s investment in paid social media advertising is not adversely affected by the posting of harmful content or negative opinions about the brand, products or advertising by bad actors or detractors.

Optional enhancements

Customer contact

Identifies and alerts customer issues and queries associated with the brand’s products and services on owned social pages.

Social media management tagging

Tags and triages customer service and product issues and engagement opportunities in a brand’s social management tools.

Community engagement

Delivers templated responses to customer service and product queries, complaints and other brand engagement.

Live event chat moderation

Enables enterprises to engage their audience with the full confidence that their live events won’t be disrupted or spoiled by bad actors and trolls posting harmful content.

Social insights reporting

A mutually defined insights, analytics and sentiment report on owned social pages, which can inform their future community management and engagement approaches and measure the success of campaigns.

Threat alerting

Real-time 24/7/365 monitoring and high priority alerting of physical, blackmail, cyber and suicide threats, and incidents posted to owned social pages.

Always first to know, always first to act

Crisp Digital Marketing Defense is built on our real-time digital reputation graph, which acts as an early warning and intervention system, discovering, tracking, rapidly alerting and removing harmful content within minutes across owned social media pages and social advertising campaigns, ensuring digital marketing teams are always the first to know, so they can be first to act.

Social media doesn't sleep, neither do we

Owned social media channels and advertising campaigns can be the target of intentionally harmful attacks anywhere, anytime. As your partner in early-warning risk intelligence, we are there for you 24/7/365 via phone, SMS, email or company internal chat applications, aligning our teams closely with yours. Since our enterprise-grade solution is priced on social media volumes we review, not the hours we work, we're able to scale our support fees effectively. Since there are no complex technology integrations, we get started quickly.

  • Moderation in minutes
  • Escalation in minutes
  • Multiple languages
  • 24/7/365 service
  • Global coverage
  • Unmatched industry experience
  • Guaranteed speed and accuracy
  • No false alarms, guaranteed

Relentlessly focused on protecting your social media assets

At Crisp, we're on a mission to stop social communication from being weaponized against global enterprises. Join the hundreds of other enterprises who trust us to protect their combined $4.5 trillion in market capitalization. Find out why Crisp is the highest standard in Digital Marketing Defense today.