Pharmaceutical Social Compliance Solutions

One missed adverse event is all it takes

Keep your pharma brand safe and compliant on social media.

Prevent fines, audits and the shut down of marketing activities

Patients are increasingly going online to manage their health and wellbeing, and they are engaging drug companies directly on social media to do so. This presents an opportunity for pharma brands and the agency partners who manage their digital marketing to engage with patients directly and gather meaningful insights.

However, if they do not maintain a safe and compliant social media environment that activity can put their brand reputation and marketing campaigns at risk.

Pharmaceutical Social Compliance

Crisp guarantees to detect all potential adverse events on brand-owned social media pages, social media ads and social listening platforms.

Owned Social Adverse Events Compliance

Ensures compliance with FDA and EMA regulations for adverse event reporting, and removes content containing personal health information to adhere to HIPAA regulations.

Paid Social Adverse Events Compliance

Ensures comments on social media ads comply with FDA and EMA regulations for adverse events reporting, and removes content containing personal health information to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Social Listening Adverse Events Compliance

Gives brands and agencies the freedom to engage in social listening by detecting adverse events in social listening search results and reports them to brand Pharmacovigilance teams.

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What this means for you:

  • Marketers experience the freedom to engage patients and gather insights
  • Agency partners focus resources on campaign performance, not AE detection
  • Pharmacovigilance teams enjoy the peace of mind of guaranteed compliance

Working with Crisp

Global pharmaceutical companies and their agency partners trust Crisp to keep their social media campaigns safe and compliant.

Our expert workflows and global human intelligence teams quickly scale to meet the social media compliance demands of pharma brands anywhere in the world, 24/7/365. Here’s why:

No-miss guarantee

No-miss guarantee ensures AE monitoring complies with all FDA/EMA regulations

Dedicated analysts

Pharma Safety Analysts train to follow a brand’s internal standards

24/7 support

Accessible team members day or night to support brand requests or needs

Multi language

Monitoring available in multiple languages using native speakers

Expert workflows

Rigorous service delivery double checks content, and reports it within 12 hours

Timely reconciliation

Total support for accurate and on-time adverse event reconciliation

Full audit trail

Complete record of content touchpoint from posting to reporting

Tailored reporting

Reporting tailored to the unique processes of pharmacovigilance teams

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