Platform Risk Intelligence Solutions

Bad actors compromise user safety and well-being

Crisp identifies risk signals embedded within the digital chatter of bad actor groups to anticipate what they'll do next.

Uncover bad actor groups before they reach your platform

Bad actor groups are coordinating and planning independent of your platform to spread their harmful digital chatter and exploit those most vulnerable. Trust & Safety teams are constantly challenged to stay ahead of these bad actors and their ever-evolving evasion and cloaking techniques.

This has put platform reputations under a public microscope as legislators, safety groups, free-speech activists and advertisers call for them to double their efforts on issues ranging from child endangerment to terrorist propaganda.

Platform Risk Intelligence

Crisp AI technology has been trained over 18 years, and developed by our industry leading online safety experts, to take an "outside in" approach that is policy aware, but not policy driven.

That way, your Trust & Safety team can quickly strengthen policies, scale operations and train its AI to defend the integrity of your platform and the safety of its users from online harms. Here’s how:

Risk submissions

Submission of content putting your platform at risk 24/7/365, provided via email, SMS, API, Google Sheet or integration with existing T&S / trusted flagger workflows.

Flash reports

Breaking intelligence reports of major issues facing your platform such as major violent incidents with graphic content, live-streaming of atrocities, viral reporting of dangerous challenges being performed by minors, or discovery of accounts belonging to known violent extremists.

Regional intelligence reports

Intelligence reports covering global regions to find out, for example, about new child endangerment legislation being discussed in Brazil, or legislation being written in New Zealand regarding the removal of Hate Speech from social media platforms.

Audit reports

Insights on the effectiveness of existing moderation processes based on Risk Submissions. Learn the efficacy of your workflow against known and unknown issues to ensure your investments in safety are not being wasted by external tools or suppliers.

Weekly intelligence reports

As an extension of Risk Submissions, weekly reports cover evolving harms on your platform - both updates to known issues and previously unknown problems, so that you can understand the current risk rating, the background, velocity, regional impact, language coverage, overall scale - and if other platforms in your ecosystem are facing the same issue, or if this is unique to you.

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Our approach

Our Risk Intelligence Graph has redefined the way companies identify and mitigate risks.

Crisp is an extension of your team

Our experts gather risk intelligence "from the outside in" across the surface, deep and dark web. We're policy aware, but not policy driven, so we can deliver the fast, actionable risk intelligence global Trust & Safety teams need to quickly strengthen policies, scale operations and train their AI to defend the integrity of their platforms and the safety of its users from online harms.

  • Open social - new and emerging social media platforms
  • Open wider web - traditional surface web areas
  • Closed source/deep social - including forums
  • Dark social - secure chat and messaging
  • Special sources - via global partners

What this means for you

  • Improved effectiveness of existing policies and processes
  • Better trained platform AI/ML using Crisp Risk Submissions
  • Eliminated gaps and loopholes in existing Trust & Safety policies
  • Stronger language, regional and cultural capabilities
  • Platform safety audits conducted before others do

“Crisp has been an incredible and invaluable part of our team and really protected our users.“

Trust & Safety Lead
Gaming platform

Our commitment to online safety

As a founding member of OSTIA, the UK Government-backed industry body of UK companies working toward the common goal of a safer internet for everyone, our influence and network of online safety partners provide a voice of hope for what can be done to advance the cause of online safety. This commitment extends to our active membership and involvement with INHOPE, the Internet Watch Foundation and WeProtect. We are also a committee co-chair for the World Economic Forum’s Global Coalition for Digital Safety, and have joined the EU Commission’s Permanent Taskforce as a signatory to its Strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation.

Protect your platform and keep your users safe