Crisp solutions

Platform Trust and safety Defense and Intelligence

We partner with trust and safety teams to ensure they are the first to know about new online harms before they reach their platforms, defending the integrity of their channels and ensuring the safest online experience for users.

Prevent online harm from spreading

Bad actors, including violent or hateful extremists and those who pose a danger to children, are constantly creating millions of pieces of harmful content and developing new evasion techniques to hurt those who are most vulnerable online. This is a persistent menace to the integrity of platforms and to the users who visit them. Technology alone cannot prevent this harmful content from spreading. It requires a combination of the latest technological advances in online harms detection and the expertise of intelligence teams to constantly identify bad actors and new harmful content before it reaches users on a platform.

How we can help

We work closely with the largest platforms in the world to help keep millions of users safe online everyday. We work discretely with their trust and safety teams to defend their platforms from harmful content and the bad actors behind it. This includes, but is not limited to, hate speech, self-harm promotion, mis or disinformation threatening democracy or public health, and graphic violence. Together we fight child endangerment, violent extremism and the sale of illegal goods. Our team of global experts provides intelligence to advise executive and operational decision makers on threat areas, future policy development and entry into new regions.

Defense solutions

  • Platform defense
  • Marketplace defense
  • API defense
  • Live streaming defense
  • Fake reviews defense
  • Illegal content defense
  • Online harms defense

Intelligence solutions

  • Online harms intelligence

Always first to know, always first to act

Crisp Platform Trust and Safety Defense and Intelligence is built on our real-time digital reputation graph, which acts as an early warning and threat intervention system. Trained on 15+ years of online harm detection, it discovers, tracks, rapidly alerts and removes harmful content shared across the open, deep, dark social web and messaging apps. This technology is used by a global team of experts specializing in signals intelligence, linguistics, big data, AI, human intelligence, psychology, data protection, and law and regulation. As a result, Crisp contributes to the safe, daily online experiences for over two billion users (covering an estimated 450 million children) across the globe.

The highest standard in Platform Trust and Safety Defense and Intelligence

We protect over $4.5 trillion of market capitalization by monitoring over a billion actors and their conversations to detect millions of harms, aimed at thousands of targets and prioritize hundreds of alerts within minutes, each and every 24 hours. Find out why Crisp is the highest standard in Platform Trust and Safety Defense and Intelligence today.